Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update: Comic Con, etc.

In which I link my only readers to their own blogs:

Within an hour or so of my last post (the first draft of the giant Comic Con Adventure Spreadsheet) Polly (@bodici22 on twitter, of found us a backyard to set up camp in San Diego! So most of the paranoid WalMart parking lot safety plans are now irrelevant. This is good for many reasons, among the foremost being something I ignored when making the plans, that WalMart is of the Dark Side.

Point Proven (again): I will join the Dark Side if it guarantees survival.

I should probably be less comfortable admitting that, but it has proven itself so many times that I sort of have to accept it.

In an epic fantasy character tropes sense, I am the slightly evil minion who feels bad about it. Roommate Hollis is the good guy who complains about it. Roommate Colleen (@bowlerhat, is Gandalf. So is Younger Sister Melody (@whitefluffyhat,, though I suspect they're Gandalf for different reasons. Melody is Gandalf primarily because of her beard.

On the reading table now:
The Theatre & Its Double - Antonin Artaud (A text I was supposed to study in primary studio but never really got the point of. Makes much more sense now.)
The Empty Space - Peter Brook (Same, though I think I just never got around to finishing this one. I am good student.)
Cardcaptor Sakura - CLAMP (because I can't resist a good serial about supernatural fourth graders)
Fragile Things - Neil Gaiman (A trove of totally delightful short stories & poems, I have yet to encounter one I haven't liked. Favorite so far has probably been "Bitter Grounds," but I have no idea what happened.)

Looking for some not-directly-theater-related non-fiction, last night at about midnight I picked up Man and His Symbols, read a sentence or two, and gave up. I have some conditioning to do before my Comp Lit class in the fall.

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